Fused motorcycle power cable(SRider/SShield)

Fused motorcycle power cable(SRider/SShield)

Spare or replacement. Fused motorcycle power cable (StormRider/StormShield/StormGuard..

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AMP3tv’s first look at the StormWalker Jacket

World RecordStormGuard Gloves & StormRider Bodywarmer help attain World Record

"We chose to use the EXO2 gear on our world altitude record ride up the volcano Ojos del Salado in Chile.  The gear was an essential part of our equipment.  The StormGuard gloves and StormRider vest were used almost daily once we were at high altitude, as temperatures in the morning were typically –10C.  The whole complement of EXO2 gear was as reliable as always and Barton, our US member who had never used EXO2 gear before was particularly amazed by the heat output of the StormRider vest.  We are all grateful for the warmth and reliability of the EXO2 gear and its contribution to our world record – the vest and the gloves kept our extremities warm and comfortable and gave us one thing less to worry about.  I am heading off to Siberia again in 4 days time on another challenging motorcycle project and will of course be taking my EXO2 gear with me there too."

Walter Colebatch - click here to learn more about the Andes Moto Extreme World Record Achievement

Dear Mr Laing ,

I am writing to you in the hope that you might feel it suitable to add my genuine appreciation of Exo2's product range onto your testimonial page

It is now almost 6 years since I initially got in contact with Exo2 , as I had just bought the prototype Brooke Double R in the winter of 2007.

This car was chassis Number 1, and had featured in many magazine articles (topgear,car,evo,autocar,auto express)books (1001 dream cars)and theTV series Fifth Gear
The car is now the beaulieu national motor museum photographic library Brooke reference example

The car , as you can see from the photos, has a totally open cockpit, and is completely exposed to the elements

My intention was to to use it throughout the year, but  the wind chill effect at speed was threatening to limit it's use to just the summer , until I discovered Exo2

I bought 2 STORMRIDER jackets, 2 Exo2 heat controllers, a splitter cable and a set of heated gloves

This was quite an investment for me , but on receipt of the goods, I was delighted by the quality of the materials used, the quality of the stitching, and most of all by the quality of the electrical connectors

Over the last 6 years the jackets and the accessories have performed faultlessly , keeping me warm in the depths of winter , and I never fail to tell all interested parties about the exo2 product range, as Exo2 has genuinely contributed to me enjoying my pride and joy more than I would otherwise

I think that you should feel very proud of the Exo2 range, which incidentally has grown considerably since 2007,but particularly of the quality of the materials used and the integrity of the construction

With my very best wishes to Exo2 for the future

Dr Path
United Kingdom 

EXO² Heated Clothing and Accessory Range

I bought the exo² StormRider after having got frozen to the core in January 2008. I was properly dressed in a good quality Hein Gerike Gore-Tex winter suit, thermals and snow boarding layers, Alpine Star waterproof boots, winter gloves and hot grips. I started recognizing the early onset symptoms of hypothermia whilst riding in January, and decided that I was not prepared to do this again, so I reviewed the market for various heated jackets, and went for one which looked like it was mid-market in prize, good quality, and ideally from a British manufacturer. Eventually I plumped for the exo² and it is a choice I have to say I haven't regretted. I rode in March 2008 which was a very cold and snowy March, which went right through to the April, and what I found was really nice about this particular heated jacket was that I can lose layers, which can be quite important, especially if I have to ride in a business suit under my waterproofs.

White Dalton Motorcycle SolicitorsThe jacket lives in the top box of my R1200 GS, which also means that when I am riding in warm sunlight I can dress for that weather. But even through a summer mesh suit which I have been wearing in April and May 2008 I know if I get caught out by a sudden drop in the temperature I can put this heated jacket on and even through a mesh suit I am warm. I also don’t have to dress up like a trainee sumo wrestler and have to walk through doors sideways just to stay warm. I have not compared this against any other comparable heated jackets. I did buy a couple of cheap ones from various unbranded shops, and I might as well have simply burnt my money. This is definitely a good piece of equipment, but if you get the opportunity to try one on under your leathers, do so as it does bulk you up a bit.

If it means that you can get your bike out on a cold crisp January day without freezing, then it has got to be money well spent.
Andrew Dalton – Specialist Motorcycle Solicitor

The StormChaser is fantastic, like riding a bike while having a warm bath! I was surprised how much difference the heated sleeves made, the heat is even and well regulated. The medium size fits just right under my jacket and is perfectly comfortable as a garment/layer even with no heat applied.

Simon Geliot (Hampshire)

Medium StormChaser arrived and fits like a glove under my gear. I only wear one layer of Merino Wool under the jacket and have been riding at night in -5 with an 80MPH wind chill factor that's easily down to -12 / 15 after 3 hours. I felt comfortable and warm - just like being in bright equator sunlight allowing me to concentrate in the riding and road hazards and not being distracted by the cold, nor allowing my core temperature to drop dangerously low as it has done without your equipment. 

On a bike (motorcycle). Most riders substitute the original liner of their jacket and replace it with the heated garment as most modern jackets are a trim and snug fit - there is not a lot of room for layering. 

As your StormChaser is wind proof and to a degree waterproof you may need to inform the public that there is no need to layer up underneath the jacket. The jacket should cover the role of intermediate layer as its wind proof and as a bonus it's heated!

A great product ! When its not needed I roll it up in to a little stuff sack and keep it in my luggage box. It will stay there until needed. 

Mick H (Herts – UK)

Hi James

As per our phone conversation today about power lead too short on the (EXOGLO3M) gilet, I cannot fault the rest of the gilet, the heat from it is just right, I have had two heart attacks in the past and suffer from chest pains, in the cold weather.

I rode out the other day round Snowdon my mirrors fogged up with the cold but I did not suffer any cold effects, as I was just wearing a thermal vest, the exo 3 gilet and my winter motor bike jacket. it was a round trip of about 150 miles, I will recommend your clothing to other bikers with no hesitation as to how good it is. Regards Dave Hallett (Llandudno, Conwy).

exo2 heated StormRider vest and exo2 heated StormGuard gloves on 130mile trip to north wales in 3 deg C temp : --- snug as a bug!

even at high motorway speeds fingers were fine.

great products!

Steve Bedder (West Midlands)

StormRider Jacket - Oh Boy !

Hi there,

I recently purchased a Stormrider jacket in preparation for the rblr1000 in June. Andrew Dalton recommended your products and I must say I am utterly delighted. I can't stop telling anyone who will listen about how good this jacket is. I can ride later, for longer and with greater concentration and alertness. I can go out in 3 degree weather with nothing more under my textiles than a pair of cheap thermals and your stormrider. No more going out looking like the Michelin man, no more hassles when you want to ride, just suit up and go. It no longer takes 20 minutes to layer up.

I just want to say thank you for creating such a brilliant item. Worth the price, every penny.

I hope I can afford to save for the gloves before the rblr1000.


Sally Mayne  (UK) 

The Sibirsky Extreme Project was conceived from the outset to go where no motorcycle had been before into the northerly extremes of Siberia.  Snow can and does fall in July on occasion in such extremes, and to deal with the unpredictable weather and risk of freezing temperatures even in the middle of summer, I rode with the StormRider heated vest and StormShield gloves.  I was very glad that I did.  The gear not only worked well, but was durable enough to survive a 7 month motorcycle expedition.  Even when folded awkwardly into luggage (repeatedly) or after a drenching when the motorcycle and its luggage was submerged in rivers, I am pleased to note that I could count on the EXO2 products to deliver heat when I needed it most.  I cant imagine making another serious motorcycle expedition without taking this gear.  For me, the durability and reliability of the gear was exactly what I had been looking for.

Walter Colebatch
Learn more about Walter Colebatch's unique adventure at

Used the (HeatSole) insoles today at 4,000ft above sea level in my microlight, the temperature was about -7 and I have to say my feet were almost too hot, thanks so much for a brilliant product, I'll definitely be spreading the word.
Cliff H, Paignton.

Many thanks for your help, terrific product by the way. The  (StormRider)  jacket is absolutely superb. 200 miles at motorway speeds in sub-zero temperatures last winter in just T shirt, heated jacket and leathers. Didn't realise how cold it was until I stopped for petrol. Absolutely brilliant!
Thanks again, Mark B (Herts, UK )

I have been riding motorcycles for just over 30 years and the  (HeatWave)  heated kidney belt/back support belt must be the next best biking gear I have bought next to my leathers.

With age, unfortunately comes lower back problems, and I have suffered with my lower back for approximately 15 years, and does it get worse in Winter !!!

Fortunately, every dark cloud DOES have a sliver lining and your heated back support belt sure works it’s magic. Whenever I am on the bike I will be wearing your belt. It’s not always that I use the heated functionality, but on cold mornings, when the back is tender, you can bet I have it switched on, and within less than 30 minutes, the pain would have subsided to something which will be more like a niggling pain instead of the crippling pain it would normally have been by then.

Another BIG bonus I have discovered, and any man with two women at home can attest to this, come “that time of the month”, man does this belt work some magic!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wife and daughter suffer from severe  menstrual cramps, a few months ago I had my daughter try “THE BELT”. Other times, she would be in bed with some pain killers, this time round she was up and about well within an hour of wearing the belt and getting the benefit of it’s infra red heat treatment, Now that she and the wife have tried and tested “The Belt”, it’s now the ONLY time I CANNOT wear it when riding. PEACE IN THE HOME……. AT LAST!!!!!!.... it’s a price I am very willing to pay!

Thanks for a great product that not only keeps the back in check,  but at last here’s something that can keep my girls happy as well ! Next winter guess I be using the heated gloves too….

David Jason – Cape Town, South Africa.

‘The gloves (StormShield) have been an absolute lifesaver in this weather – can’t believe how effective they are, no cold finger tips despite the wind-chill factor (of naughty speeds). Actually been colder off the bike than on. Stunning bit of kit.’
Graham from Cambridgeshire

'Both Gary and I used this product while on a round the world trip on our Honda NX 650 Dominators.  The (StormRider) waistcoat we both felt was amazing, a quality product. We used them in all sorts of conditions from high altitude, freezing fog, night time and pouring rain.  We couldn't fault them. No hot spots and a cozy ride whenever we used them.  They were also used in conjunction with Honda heated grips and our lights were on at all times.  The waistcoat did not affect the either of our bikes performance or electrics.  If anyone would like to speak to us about the waistcoat please pass on my details.  Best Wishes.'
Louise Hillier and Gary Prisk.

"As you can see, we bought the (StormWalker) jacket from you earlier this year and it has been fantastic. My wife has now 'road tested' it over 3250 miles on our recent trip to USA where she wore it as her primary motorcycle jacket and then as a jacket whilst walking around - she needed the battery pack on a few occasions and really felt the benefits of it " 
Doug M - Leicestershire, UK

" I have used the (HeatWave) belt twice so far. On cold and wet mornings. The belt provided a pleasing amount of heat. The day soon warmed up and switching off the belt is a lot easier than removing and then storing thermal clothing. "
Regards, David Watkinson - South Yorkshire (happy customer)

The (StormRider) vest is phenomenal. I cannot get over how uniform the heat is and how well the vest works at keeping you warm. In the Pacific Northwest we have some extremely cold, wet days and normally the bike is parked for three months, November through January. Not anymore, I'm still riding and very comfortable. exo² has increased the value of my motorcycle investment by 30%, in addition to increased comfort and safety, outstanding.”
Richard B. – Prosser, WA

I also wanted to say that the (StormShield) gloves are a lot more comfortable than the gerbing standard ones, and way easier to actually wear than the gerbing ultra gloves. On both the gerbings glove styles, the gauntlet cuff is too small to go over a jacket cuff and too big to go under. The exo² gloves are just right, the cuff is wide enough to go over the jacket! Brilliant!”
Barry F. - United Kingdom

Your StormRrider vest is an absolute great product that I would buy again and recommend to my fellow all weather riders.  The fact that you have such outstanding customer support is really icing on the cake.  When I am in need of similar gear, you can bet I'll come to you first.  My vest kept me toasty all last winter on my 70-mile roundtrip to work (every day except when the roads were iced - not common in the Seattle area).” Gary W. – Falls City, WA

I've always been a bit confused as to why heated gloves are not in wider circulation. Riding in cold weather is bad at the "best" of times, but riding when its 1 degree with wind chill of about -7 is absolute agony, as I am sure many of you know. I think it’s fair to say that heated gloves have often looked, well, pretty crap. Kind of a mix between a gauntlet worn by a knight of the round table and a fat fingered courier’s winter mitten. But the new (StormShield) heated gloves from exo² have really surprised me. They more than resemble a semi-sporty styled glove, complete with hard formed PVC knuckle guards and finger protection, but most importantly - they work!

Today's 35 minute journey to work was made a pleasure by the gloves internal heated elements fighting off the chill and keeping the back of my hand, my fingers and thumb nice and toasty. Coupled with a pair of Oxford heated grips my journey has been transformed. The optional temp controller I purchased came with a fabricated metal bracket which needed a minor modification to fit to my R6, and running the cables through the bike was a bit time consuming; but that’s due to the bikes construction, nothing to do with the supplied wire harness. The item's all seem to be well designed and manufactured and I am really looking forward to a winter of warm riding ahead.

It’s also worth me mentioning that the gloves have a handy visor wiper installed along the thumb and that the downloadable glove measurement table online is pretty accurate... I wear XXL in Alpinestars sizing, but only Medium in exo² glove size. If you're going to invest in a pair trust the measuring guide!

Anyway, I can definitely recommend them.
From a review for the forum by Nathan B. - United Kingdom

“Just a bit of an update as I promised, all the guys have tried the (StormRider) jackets now and they have gone over extremely well!. We only have it fitted direct to one of the bikes so far as we are waiting for six new bikes to be delivered and I haven’t got around to taking mine to be done yet. Everyone so far has been using them with just the rechargeable battery and we are well impressed with one comment being this is the best product we have ever had!

So thanks again and if you need a reference or a quote for other forces, no problem, we would be glad to oblige if any other forces want to talk to us. You can give them my email address and I can tell them direct. I have already shown it to one of the guys from North Yorks and he had it on for 20 minutes in the office!”
PC Steve Derby - Cleveland Police Road Policing Unit, Motorcycle Section, Cannon Park Middlesbrough



Product: 01-023MC StormRider Heated Body Warmer

Reviewer: Phil H

 bought a motorcycle jacket with one of these body warmers in it, which has now been in use for three years. I could not believe how good it would be in use. My first ride out with it was on a chilly March day. 4 degrees when I left early morning for North Wales. I had a thermal vest and mid layer fleece, what I would normally wear on a summer morning. I packed a thick fleece just in case.  After several miles with winter gloves my fingers were just bearable. My upper body was positively glowing, I thought it might be getting too hot, but I found it stayed comfortable. I met my friends who were moaning about the cold day, they were wrapped up to the nines. I just smiled and said it was a bit chilly. The sun came out and things improved, feet and hand wise, my upper body stayed nice and comfortable.