Fused motorcycle power cable(SRider/SShield)

Fused motorcycle power cable(SRider/SShield)

Spare or replacement. Fused motorcycle power cable (StormRider/StormShield/StormGuard..

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How is FabRoc® different from other heating technologies in the marketplace?
The differences are quite distinct. FabRoc® is virtually indestructible. This rubber-like structure is flexible enough to be configured into almost any shape. Freezing temperatures have no effect on the flexibility of FabRoc® making it ideal for heated clothing and suitable for a broad range of other commercial applications. Unlike wire-based or carbon fiber heating systems, FabRoc® continues to operate even if it is slit or torn, with NO POSSIBILITY OF SHORT CIRCUITING with normal use. Able to be powered by a wide range of power supply, include low voltage, means that heating systems for many users can be powered by rechargeable batteries. The weight of these battery packs (no heavier than a modern smart ) makes heated gear and heated clothing by EXO² ideal for portable use. FabRoc® is:

  • Intrinsically safe (due to the PTC properties and cannot overheat)
  • Inert (resistant to most chemicals making it ideal for use in extreme environments)
  • Energy Efficient (converting over 99% of electrical energy into heat)
  • Lightweight (yielding virtually unlimited applications)
  • Waterproof and Windproof
  • Crushproof and Stretchable (with up to 200% elongation before rupture, and can even be backed by netting to provide additional strength if required).

How does FabRoc® heat products without wires?
Most heated products or heated clothing lines have historically used heated wires to create and distribute heat throughout the product. Safety concerns, comfort concerns and reliability issues have plagued these wiring systems throughout the years. EXO² uses a revolutionary and proprietary material named FabRoc® in ALL of its heated product lines. One of 22 different FabRoc® formulations is specially selected for each product and is integrated into the build of the product in order to provide uniform distribution of heat where you need it most with no risk of hot spots, short circuiting, etc. (when used normally and as directed). The EXO² FabRoc® Heat Technology produces even heat when voltage is applied based on the conductive chains which are created by the proprietary blend of ingredients and the patented manufacturing process.  

Do EXO² products have to powered by the motorcycle's, snowmobile's, etc. electrical system to work?
No. The EXO² line of heated products, with FabRoc® technology (except the StormShield Heated Motorcycle Gloves) are 'hybrid' systems and can be powered either by direct connection to a 12 volt power unit system or by small, rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries. Due to the extremely flexible applications of FabRoc®, several aviation, industrial and commercial use items are produced which are powered by 28 volts, 48 volt and even 110 volts.  

How long will EXO² products stay heated before the portable power packs (batteries) need to be recharged?
Depending on the power pack selected, the product and ambient temperature, EXO² power packs will typically maintain their charge for 3-8 hours. When depleted, the typical recharging time for most Power Packs in our range is 3 hours. The Power Pack has no "memory" and does not need to be fully discharged before recharging. There is no limit to the duration of warmth when EXO² heated gear is directly connected to a power unit battery or via a 12 volt accessory outlet (or similar). Our multi-level internally controlled or remote controlled PWM batteries will last longer on lower heat/power settings.

What are the advantages of EXO² FabRoc® Heat Technology?
FabRoc® is intrinsically safe. 
FabRoc® uniformly heats a large area without the risk of hot spots. 
FabRoc® is thin and lightweight. 
FabRoc® is waterproof and windproof. 
FabRoc® is well-built and crushproof. 
FabRoc® is completely customizable. 
Fabroc’s® flexible design and elasticity makes it mouldable to any shape, size or product! 

Can I wash clothing made with FabRoc®?
Yes.  The Lithium-Ion batteries used to heat EXO² products can be easily removed, allowing you to wash the garments like other similar textile items you may presently own. Please be sure to following the specific washing instructions for each garment as outlined in the User Instructions provided with each item. 

Is FabRoc® safe?
Absolutely! FabRoc® is safe because it conducts heat uniformly throughout the fabric and does not use wires which can short circuit or overheat. 

Are EXO² items made in children’s sizes?
Please be sure to follow carefully our sizing instructions when selecting your items. Most products are available in XS (to XXXL) sizes which will fit some children and adolescents. 

What is FabRoc® made of?
FabRoc® is made of a specially blended, unique polymer-based material which is lightweight, waterproof, windproof, crushproof and stretchable. The combination of the specific ingredients, how they're mixed and the manner in which the product is made has been perfected for over 30 years, making FabRoc® both a new and proven technology.

What products will EXO² develop in the future?
Due to the incredible qualities of FabRoc® the possibilities are virtually limitless.  In addition to our current product range, and the more than 3 dozen active client projects, EXO² will continue to seek new and exciting products/concepts in a wide range of industries.  With our ever increasing consumer base and the very positive industry feedback received to date, we look forward to providing a variety of unique and beneficial heated products to consumers worldwide for many coming years to come. 


What are the differences (other than the sleeves) between the StormWalker Jacket and the StormWalker Vest?
Both StormWalker products are exactly the same other than the Jacket’s zip-off sleeves option. Both garments heat to the same specifications (0.8A draw and 122° @ 12 Volts), have heated pockets and feature the award winning AirXtream® outer fabric. 

Can I buy the StormWalker Vest now and buy the sleeves later?
No. The StormWalker Jacket is specially made to accommodate this feature. 

What parts of the StormWalker Vest/Jacket are heated?
Our StormWalker heated clothing collection provides heat to the lower back/kidney area via a contiguous FabRoc® panel which is specially designed and formulated for this application. The 0-8mm thick FabRoc® heat technology panel heats evenly to an average temperature of 122° @ 12 volts and self regulates based on the ambient temperature, your body temperature, etc. StormWalker products also have heated pockets to provide relief and comfort when bulky gloves are not desired or cannot be worn. We call this arrangement the 'virtual circle of warmth".

What's the difference between the StormRider Bodywarmer and the StormWalker Vest?
We believe the StormRider Bodywarmer is the ultimate heated clothing garment for extreme users. The BodyWarmer provides heat to the chest, upper back and lower back areas to fight against the wind and chill of riding at highway speeds. The lining of the StormRider is thicker than the StormWalker heated vest and jacket does not sport a collar. The StormWalker is intended for moderate users and is often used by passengers. It is noticeably thinner than the StormRider, has a collar, and heats both the lower back/kidney area and pockets. 

Is there a difference in how the StormRider operates when connected to a motorcycle vs. use with a portable Power Pack?
Yes. When direct-connected to a motorcycle, ATV, etc. both the right and left chest panels are heated as well as the upper and lower back/kidney areas. When using the portable Power Pack, the lower back/kidney panel is heated, similar to that of the StormWalker collection. 

How many levels of heat exist for the Vest/Jacket/Bodywarmer? Does this change when powered by the Power Pack?
Because FabRoc® is a smart technology (exhibiting a positive temperature coefficient) and self regulates, temperature controllers are not required. When the optional StormRider Controller is used, nine settings are available for comfort when a long ride exposes you to fluctuating external temperatures. 

If desired, what temperature management systems are available for use with the Vest/Jacket/Bodywarmer?
Because FabRoc® is a smart technology and self regulates, temperature controllers are not required. However, to maximize your investment for year around use, the StormRider Controller, the ON/OFF Switch, the Dispatch 1 System and the multi-level Internally Controlled Lithium-Ion batteries all will allow you to manage the garment's heat output as you desire.

Why is the StormRider Bodywarmer more expensive?
The StormRider Bodywarmer cost more to produce, with three times the amount of FabRoc® integrated and more insulation. All of our garments are made with the same great technology and expert craftsmanship but provide different options to a wide range of users. 

My HeatSole Heated Insoles do not appear to get hot. Is this intended?
Yes. It is normal that for the first few moments after inserting the HeatSoles that you'll feel little difference. The HeatSole Heated Insoles will also not feel warm to the touch (outside of the shoe or boot).  The objective of the HeatSole is not to make your feet warm but rather to prevent them from being cold. If your feet are too hot, they will sweat, creating more problems than just your cold toes. Maintaining a temperature that is consistent with your indoor ‘in-shoe’ temperature is our goal. When you realize that your feet are not cold, this is when you have experienced the design and engineering of the HeatSole Heated Insole. 

Can my vest, jacket or back support be washed in a washing machine?
Yes.  However, for best long term results we 'recommend' that the HeatWave, StormRider and StormWalker be hand washed in pure soap flakes or a non-biological soap powder. EXO² products can be washed in a washing machine but hand washing is recommended to enhance longevity of the item.  Non-biological soap powder is suggested because of the breathability of the AirXtream® fabric will eventually be adversely affected by biological powders.  The FabRoc® polymer is not affected by the manner in which a garment is washed or which detergent type used.