Fused motorcycle power cable(SRider/SShield)

Fused motorcycle power cable(SRider/SShield)

Spare or replacement. Fused motorcycle power cable (StormRider/StormShield/StormGuard..

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February 2015

Innovators i4invention introduce CORE HEAT MOTO at the MCN London Motorcycle Show

Visitors to the MCN Motorcycle Show were fighting for a view of the new Tyre Warmer which heats from the inside out ! FabRoc® polymer heating technology is used for the in-rim system which uses a uniquely powerful combination of conductive, convective and infrared heating. Road and Race versions will shortly be available offering increased safety through the depth and range of the CORE HEAT system providing improved grip in wet and cold conditions, improved cornering and braking  plus the vital added benefit of a longer lasting effect due to the heat permeating the entire tyre plus warmth retained and fed into the extended grip by the tyre rim. Enquiries can be sent to Steve Slough ( and please click here to see the CORE HEAT MOTO system in more detail.


January 2014

EXO seeks to expand international distribution network and find new brand partners for integration of FabRoc® heating systems.

Joint CEO James Laing is interviewed at ISPO Munich regarding the history of the company and our unique heating technologies, the development of the EXOGLO™ Heated Clothing Range, including new product launches for 2014, and the current programme of expanding the international distributor network, along with seeking to develop new brand partners for the integration of FabRoc® The Heat Inside, into a wider range of clothing and accessories across a variety of outdoor, sports, health&wellness, military & workwear applications.

September 2013

Gadget Man gets hands-on with StormWalker

“Is it a 70’s funk band” asks Stephen Mangan as Richard Ayoade introduces him to FabRoc® ; “ No” says Richard – “it’s a revolutionary polymer !”  Gadget Man presenter Ayoade and actor/comedian Mangan chat about how toasty warm they are wearing our StormWalker Jackets in the first episode of the new Gadget Man series on Channel 4. See all the great ideas for Outdoor living at  (look out for StormWalker about 18 minutes in). For more information on the StormWalker Heated Jacket please click here


January 2013


Celebrating one year in on our Lifetime Guarantee for FabRoc®.  Worth reminding all our customers that any product purchased after 1st January 2012 is covered by this extended Warranty. FabRoc® heating elements only are covered, proof of original purchase is required. Other items or products are still on standard 12 month Guarantee. Effectively it means that, should the heating system inside your EXO2/EXOGLO product fail, we undertake to repair or replace at any time during the life of the product.


May 2012

MCN awards StormRider 5 STARS after 3 months test

Senior Motorcycle News road tester Michael Neeves has awarded our StormRider Heated Bodywarmer the full 5 out of 5 rating after a rigorous three month trial. He states "This bodywarmer keeps you warm before you 've even heated it up, which is a good sign". He goes on to highlight the constant 50 Degree Celsius temperature output delivered across the entire garment, along with the battery pack for use off the bike, as key benefits to the user. You can read his full review here


White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors senior partner Andrew Dalton has taken his enthusiasm for our FabRoc® heating technology to the next stage. He states : "We bought the Stormrider's for all of our motorcycle riding lawyers who took to wearing them in our listed building offices which are close to impossible to heat on really cold days, especially with a north or easterly wind. Our non riding staff asked for them and even in the fairly mild winter of 2011/12 these were popular and well used. It has been much more economical warming the body rather than a draughty 1920's listed building which has been impossible to heat. For employers in cold or large environments like warehouses, these jackets really cost pennies to run and keep the core of the body warm. They don't bulk up workers and are comfortable. I started using them by accident, but I would wholeheartedly recommend them for employers who need to heat people cheaply and effectively rather than large areas of air expensively." With todays energy costs heading for the stratosphere here is a great idea for heating what really matters - people, rather than the entire space we occupy !



White Dalton

April 2012


From top to bottom opposite are Luke Matzinger, Walter Colebatch and Barton Churchill, the Extreme-Team. We know Walter from sponsoring his Sibersky Extreme Project and were delighted to do so again for this new adventure. Walter was asked recently for his reasoning in selecting EXO2 as his preferred heating equipment partner : "Why?  EXO2 make the heated clothing that provides the most heat for the lowest power draw of anyone in the world.  Temperatures near the peaks of the Andes, even in summer can get down to -25C (-13F) so we wanted the finest heated clothing we could lay our hands on."  Here is what he has told us about the team's world record attempt :

The current world record - as recognised by Guinness World Records - is 6245 metres (20,489 feet), set by a group of Indian bikers in the Himalaya. We will exceed that altitude by using modern fuel injected dirt bikes, the best equipment available, and a team with significant world adventure riding and mountaineering experience. We will break the Guinness World Record for motorcycle altitude in March – April 2012.

Ojos del Salado - the worlds highest volcano, and South America’s second highest mountain. Our research indicates Ojos del Salado (6893m / 22,615 feet) is the most favourable location in the world for a motorcycle altitude attempt. Ojos del Salado offers us access to approximately 5800 metres (19,000 feet) along trails before the real cross country challenge begins. From this elevation we will encounter extreme technical terrain including multiple
glacier crossings, boulder fields, volcanic scree and moraine, very steep slopes and vertical steps. At these altitudes, with oxygen levels less than 45% of sea level, walking, breathing and mental function become a formidable challenge. In this environment, altitude, wind, and sub freezing temperatures can prove fatal. Rescue at these altitudes is nearly out of the question.

You can follow the team's progress at & view their website at

Andes Moto Extreme

March 2012

FabRoc® heating technology used in Research for Manned Mission to Mars

Dr Alexander Kumar, is a 28 year old British doctor, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and member of the Explorer's Club. he has worked and travelled in over 60 countries, and has spent a great deal of time in the Arctic. Having taken time out of Anaesthetics and Acute Care training in Oxford, he is now living for 1 year, isolated in the most extreme environment on Earth- at the joint French-Italian Research station, Concordia located in Antarctica.

The group lives at around 4000 metres equivalent altitude there and so breathe one third less oxygen pressure than is available at sea level, in London. And with winter coming shortly they will endure 4 months of 24 hour (complete) darkness where temperatures drop to minus 80 degrees Celcius (without windchill) - the coldest on Earth. They are more isolated than the International Space Station - in a case of emergency there is no opportunity for evacuation from February to November 2012. EXO2 FabRoc® heating technology in his clothing will help Alex to survive at almost unimaginably cold temperatures.

Alex is the only British member, living within a group of 13 other Europeans scientists- where they have interesting science ongoing on meteorology, astronomy, glaciology and more.

As the Research MD, Alex is responsible for conducting human spaceflight research for the European Space Agency - looking at how far we can push human psychology and physiology towards a manned mission to Mars.

To learn more about Alex Kumar and his adventures click here

FDr Alexander Kumar

New StormGuard Heated Motorcycle Glove is the Most Wanted !

FASTBIKES have reviewed everything new on the motorcycle glove market, heated and unheated. From 13 of the finest brands in the world they have selected the EXO2 StormGuard as their 'Most Wanted'. Read their review here.

Fast Bikes Most Wanted

February 2012

StormRider wins 'Best Technical Grade' Award in France

Moto Mag is the largest circulation motorcycle magazine in France with 100,000 readers per month. Against a full range of competitors, the UK's StormRider has come out with the coveted 'Meilleur Note Technique' (Best Technical Grade). French speakers can click here to read the review in full.

Meilleur Note Technique

January 2012

RIDE 2012 Review - Heated Clothing

StormRider wins the RIDE RECOMMENDED triangle in comparison with five other brands tested for their February issue.


December 2011 - Review's 1.5 million visitors can view the new StormRider Bodywarmer Review (they loved it !)

Click here to read the review in full

February 2011

Invented in Scotland - launched in Japan

They always liked our warming whisky - well now 'The Heat Inside' is coming to Japan too ! Sam Miyano can be seen on the left in the adjacent image after launching EXO2 on the 'Asa-dasu' breakfast show in Tokyo earlier this week.

Launched in Japan

November 2010

Scotland Rediscovered, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, Thursday 14th October

EXO² joined with fifty other leading designers and manufacturers from Scotland to take part in a brand new product showcase in the heart of London on Thursday 14 October. Taking over the Institute of Contemporary Arts on The Mall, Scottish textiles companies and designers presented innovative design and products from across the industry. Highlighting the ingenuity, creativity, heritage and experience of textiles from Scotland, this invitation-only event highlighted the diversity of textiles which Scotland offers the London market. Well known brands such as Begg Scotland, Johnston’s Cashmere & Mackintosh combined with emerging talent from Bebaroque, Holly Fulton, Strumpet & Pink and newcomers Jaggy Nettle to show the versatility of Scottish design and textiles.

Over 250 retail and media guests attended the event with a keynote address from fashion journalist and media personality Caryn Franklin. Guest buyers and press experienced the wealth of textiles products, displayed together to highlight the full spectrum of products available from Scotland. The event provided an opportunity to see first-hand how the industry is flourishing despite economic pressures and competition from abroad. Click here to rediscover

'Photography by Graham Jepson'

September 2010

Transantarctic Expedition - Brits in Bio-Inspired Vehicle will not be cold at minus 50 !

A team of explorers and scientists will be soon setting out for Antarctica for what they hope will be the fastest land crossing of the continent. On their way, the Moon Regan Expedition will test new equipment designed to reduce the environmental impact of missions to the south pole (as reported by BBC News ). By heating both the core body and extremities, the EXO² StormRider Bodywarmer & StormShield Gloves will help keep the driver of the Bio-Inpired Ice Vehicle (pictured right) in peak performance condition throughout the gruelling 3600 mile Antarctic trek with minimum power draw on the vehicle (total for bodywarmer & gloves of just over 4 Amps at full power). Read more about this unique and exciting challenge at .

Pink Stig wins EAMG Charity Prize StormRider !

Raising £2500.00 over five years for the East Anglian Childrens Hospice, the EAMG (Essex Advanced Motorcyclist's Group just stay on the road no matter what the conditions and 50 of them turned out again this wet August bank holiday. Prize draw winner Lara Marzec (aka Pink Stig - pictured right) is one of an increasing number of female bikers getting into motorsport activity and loving every minute - yes she can even love the winter riding now in her well earned new StormRider Heated Bodywarmer !

Support Vehicle
Bio-Inpired Ice Vehicle
Pink Stig

March 2010

Arctic Dog Sled Challenge at -32 degrees Celsius

67 year old charity campaigner Anne Mawdsley MBE, Chief Executive of the UK based Raynaud's & Scleroderma Association, has undertaken her most courageous challenge yet. Driving a team of huskies with colleague Jo Kaddish around the fringes of the arctic circle whilst coping with severe Raynaud's - a condition caused by changes in temperature which prevent the blood supply from reaching the extremities. EXO² donated a heated gilet for Anne to use which she told us : ' worked a treat. I was really warm bodily even though the temperature on Tuesday night was the coldest of the winter at minus 38 and when we set out it was minus 32 degrees C ! The tears on my cheeks turned to icicles !' The challenge has raised a further £27,000 for research into Raynaud's and Scleroderma ; you can find out more about this condition at the Associations website

Arctic Dog Sled Challenge

November 2009

The most comfortable heated glove in the world

EXO² announces the launch of our first product utilising the new patented ThermoKnitt technology as a fully integrated knitted heating layer. The new SnowStorm heated ski/outdoor gloves use tiny, lightweight 3.7 Volt Power Packs delivering heat right the way along fingers and thumbs via a soft and flexible knitted structure for comfort during many hours in use.

October 2009

Wellness Innovation and Technology Project publishes EXO² Far Infrared White Paper

This well researched and referenced document details the many health and wellbeing benefits emanating via the Far Infrared 'Healthy Heat' emmissions from FabRoc(R) technology. >> Read more

August 2009

Israeli distributor for EXO² in the Medical, Military and Leisure markets

NCC Tech is joining the growing list of advanced technical companies who see the opportunity for using FabRoc technology in the development of specialised heating products for specific markets. They are also looking forward to their first winter season promoting the EXO² Branded Products Range as our exclusive distributor in Israel.

NCC Tech

June 2009

EXO² range now available in New Zealand, thanks to new Kiwi distributor... Northern Accessories.

Thanks to our new distributor Northern Accessories, the EXO² range of heated apparel is now available for purchase in New Zealand too! As the premier destination for motorcycle, motocross and ATV parts, Northern Accessories is the perfect partner to help EXO² reach out to new customers right across the world.

northern accessories

February 2009

Alpinestars Tech Heated Vest is product of the week!

The Alpinestars Tech Heated Vest offers riders excellent body temperature management, using custom FabRoc® heat panels developed by EXO². The Vest’s key features have been designed to offer optimum comfort and ease of use to meet the most demanding of riding conditions.


January 2009

Heated Feet on the Beat !

Chicago, Illinois – USA:  The Chicago Police Department has chosen the exo² HeatSole Heated Insoles to assist their more than 250 bicycle Police Officers weather the record breaking temperatures in the region.  After a period of testing the HeatSole product, made with exo² FabRoc™ heat technology, the decision to work with exo² was made and preparations to support selected officers are underway.

Chicago Police

March 2008

10 out of 10 from SuperBike !

We know the HeatWave Heated Back Support is already helping thousands of people with bad backs to stay active and keep warm, but now the motorcycle world has also picked up on the powerful combination of delivering soothing warmth to the kidneys whilst bolstering and supporting the whole lower back area, as per the recent SuperBike March issue at page 99 in which Features Editor Simon Roots has given the product full marks whether used with a portable power pack or linked to the motorcycle battery. There is also a superb review of our new StormShield Heated Gloves in the same issue at page 34. Click here to see both reviews

Boundary 500 motorcycle group helps keep Great North Air Ambulance in flight

Brian Laverick and friends love their motorcycles and are putting them to the best possible use in regularly touring the 500 or so miles covered by the Great North Air Ambulance to raise funds for a vital service which receives no government funding whatsoever. Amongst their eager and loyal band you will find several members of the Cleveland Police Road Policing Unit - three of them are fronting the image you can click on beside this article to view in more detail. If they appear to be smiling it could be because their StormRider Bodywarmers are taking the pain out of long distance biking ; Bikesafe Co-ordinator at Cleveland, PC Steve Darby, has said that all the guys have been impressed whether using the StormRiders linked directly to their motorcycle battery or alternatively via the portable power pack when they are attending incidents in all weather conditions over a period of several hours ; indeed one comment being 'best bit of kit we have ever had'. See more about their efforts at and the work being done to improve road safety and reduce the number of motorcycle related accidents in Cleveland & surrounding areas at 

SuperBike HW/SS Review'
Boundary 500 Event

December 2007

Enduro Africa - Breaking Bones and Saving Lives

Rupert Douglas-Jones and 55 cohorts went on the first wave down through South Africa. 6 broke bones and most came off their bikes at some point. Rupert destroyed his jacket en route but the StormRider held up well and functioned throughout the trip (see attached image). You can read more about Enduro Africa, its support for three amazing causes and how you can join them if you are looking for an adventure to remember for the rest of your life at

Rupert Douglas-Jones

April 2007

Superbikers do it in StormRider !

EXO²'s heated waistcoats proved invaluable at Donington Park for the Superbike World Championship on the 1st April 2007.

Although sunny, a freezing wind blew across the circuit and riders and support teams were really feeling the cold.

Cregan Boyd, the Director of Trackcare International Racetrack Safety, was glad of his EXO² waistcoat as he stood in the bitter cold monitoring the safety of the riders.

The Honda Ekerold British Supersport Managing Director, Gary Ekerold, also had his team wearing EXO² waistcoats. Not only did they keep them warm but also they looked superb with Honda Ekerold's red and black branding. The Honda Ekerold Team will be wearing EXO² gear for the remainder of the season.

Race 1 of the Superbike World championship was won by James Toseland and Noriyuki Haga could only manage a fourth position. The word went out that Haga was freezing cold and his team manager sent out for a heater/blower to warm him up.

Cregan Boyd also got the message about Haga and bravely lent his EXO² waistcoat to him in between Race 1 and 2. Haga was a different man in Race 2 ( In fact he was " On Fire " ) and the Eurosport commentators were asking what it was that had made such a difference between Race 1 and 2 ?? Haga finally won a thrilling battle with Biaggi on the last bend. EXO² are in discussion with Haga's Yamaha team over the supply of EXO² waistcoats for the season.

EXO² firmly believes that it's heated clothing systems help top sportspeople operate at peak performance and the Superbike World Championships was a great example of EXO² helping to achieve this.

EXO² will be at Brands Hatch for the Bennetts British Superbike Championship helping the Ducati Airwaves Superbike team and the Centurion Racing British Supersport team to name just two.


August 2006

StormRider in use by Grace Spitfire pilot!

It can get pretty cold on those flights in aircraft which do not enjoy the heating systems available on passenger jets..what better than our StormRider heated vest, taking its power from the Stampe open cockpit biplane engine, used by Carolyn Grace throughout the winter (whilst the Spitfire is in winter maintenance), and warming the whole upper body of the pilot in-flight. Flying through the winter seems less of a chilling thought, with the core body warmed, senses are alert and, as so often, comfort and safety go hand in hand. 

 "Using this heated vest has revolutionised my winter flying in the biplane" says Carolyn, who flies the Stampe all year round as a training top up for her display flying.

 The Grace Spitfire is an aeroplane with a great history, with a very competent pilot in Carolyn Grace. Carolyn is the only current female Spitfire pilot in the world, and has been flying the Spitfire since 1990. In this time she has amassed a great deal of hours and experience. The Grace Spitfire is available for displays - please click on the link to learn more -