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The new ExoGlo™ Therapeutic Heated Equine Rug has been developed specifically for therapeutic application and for pre-performance warm-up.  Four off sizeable FabRoc® heating panels are positioned at the top and side of each leg(quad) for maximum therapeutic application to the key muscle & soft tissue areas.  The Velcro attaching holster contains four off colour coded 15Volt power packs corresponding with each heating panel and operated via wireless remoter fobs with 3-level heating controls and capacity readouts for ease of use and management.

The Benefits

  • Warms up and loosens muscles prior to exercise or massage
  • Helps reduce the risk of muscle injury
  • Helps reduce muscle stiffness and increases flexibility
  • Helps to improve performance
  • Drug free modality to use before a competition
  • Keeps muscles warm when competing, lessening warm-up time between activities eg Show jumping - first round and jump off
  • Use after exercise to stop muscles cooling down too fast - helps prevent typing-up
  • Helps in muscle injury as part of a recovery program
  • Helps relieve pain from muscle spasm and related tightness
  • Keeps core temperature steady in post surgery situations
  • Helps prevent muscle injuries while travelling
  • Works as a relaxation aid for stressful situations

The Statistics

  • 4 heating panels - one on each quad
  • Total heated area - 4860cm sq of FabRoc®
  • FabRoc® set to a maximum temperature of 55°C
  • FabRoc® exhibits a positive temperature coefficient - no hotspots
  • FabRoc® FIR technology - heats muscles to a depth of 4cm not just the surface of the skin
  • FabRoc® has a lifetime guarantee  

The Flexibility

  • Can heat all 4 quads or any combination of the 4
  • Can independently raise or lower the temperature of each quad
  • Can heat all 4 quads for a maximum of 4 hours on high temperature and 9 hours on low temperature
  • Longer heating times when less quads heated
  • Longer heating times when only a selected quad is needed for specific injuries

Sizes:  S / M / L

Click here to view the EXOGLO Therapeutic Heated Equine Rug manual (PDF)

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** WINTER SALE ** ExoGlo

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